The First Financial Advantage

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Choosing the right leasing partner for your equipment can be as important as the equipment itself.  Here is why working with First Financial is a smart business decision:

Independence:  Technological advancements can come unexpectedly, and any manufacturer’s equipment may suddenly become obsolete. Vendor independence is a competitive advantage you can only get with a fiercely independent firm such as ours. We lead the industry in our ability to provide the best equipment for our customers’ needs, regardless of manufacturer.

Flexibility:  How often have you heard a financial company say they welcome requests for alternative financial structures? Never? Well, we do. First Financial specializes in structuring leases that are flexible, creative, and provide real solutions to your business challenges.

Experience:  Our seasoned professionals have decades of combined leasing experience. We continually exhibit the expertise required to recommend the best lifecycle management practices for our clients.

Market Intelligence:  Our wealth of experience with various manufacturers in many different sectors enables us to assist our customers in acquiring the right equipment, at the right time, and at the right price.

Remarketing:  You may have more equipment options than you realize. With extensive remarketing capabilities and widespread relationships in the secondary market, we can potentially locate used equipment for you, or resell your equipment upon lease termination. We may also be able to help you find solutions for currently leased equipment you no longer desire.

Service:  Our business plan is simple. It’s to help you achieve your business goals in the most cost-effective manner, and to give you outstanding support throughout the life of your lease agreement. From the initial steps of sourcing equipment to designing end-of-lease process flows, our goal is to create and sustain a smooth, advantageous leasing relationship.